Region 4



It takes more to belong to a motorcycle club than filling out paperwork, paying dues, and putting on a patch. You have to be committed and support the club. You have to ride out of state on occasion. The members of a club become family. You do all you can to help your family. If your club member needs help, you need to be there without hesitation, worry, or fear--just do it. Always have your brother's back. It takes time and money, but you need to be ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes. That's why most people don't want to be part of a motorcycle club. They don't want to be committed or give the time. We don't want wannabe's, patch collectors, or people lacking commitment. We want brothers we can depend on who are willing to do for the club whatever needs to be done. If you aren't ready and willing to do this, don't sign up. Don't start to prospect and hope you will slide in because you will not be accepted. Don't waste your time or our's.

Remember the members of this club have something special. Not many Americans can be part of this club. We are an elite class of Veterans. We served our country when it wasn't very popular to do so! It didn't matter if we were in-country, supporting, or serving wherever our government wanted us. We did it with pride and commitment. I believe that is why the members of this club support the military 100%. We've been there, done that. We understand what the soldiers are going through. We pledge NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have them feel what we felt. When you wear the patch, you represent all of us. GIVE RESPECT AND GET RESPECT. Be an ass and get treated like an asshole. We are committed to the brotherhood of the VOVMC and ride for those who can't. Ride safe and be proud of who you are! We are looking for more Brothers so if you would like to join us..just click the Join Up Here page. We need to remember our Vietnam Brothers... Brother Wolf



  Brother Brentwood. Region 4 President

“Click on the Email to reach Web Master for information on how to join our great band of Brothers from all over the world”

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